1°. Artisan Quality and Finishing
Giordano Allestimenti is an organization which enables customers discover quality and finishing typical of an artisan workshop where every small particular and minute attention to detail is characteristic. This coupled with the size, efficiencies and advantages of a modern enterprise which is both rapidly adaptable and competitive provides a potent combination.

2°. Stands on the Block!
Complete with the definition of requisites which your exhibition space needs satisfying, we are able to understand, design, produce, transport, mount and help un-mounting and repacking your stand and furnishings. We also have, apart from carpenters and mounting staff with optimal experience in this area, companies collaborating with us specialized in the following sectors: Metals (Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Titanium), decorators, reprographics, electrical, plastics, carpeting, textile furnishings, glass and polyester lacquer bright and mat finishing, transportation.

3°. Convenience
We guarantee quality and convenience at optimal prices to make your exhibiting spaces count.